"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain."

My story starts with a little toddler bouncing around the Y in a pink leotard. That toddler was me and I was instantly hooked on dance. From there, I moved around a few studios in the Boston area included Jose Mateo Ballet Theater and Mass Motion Dance Boston. I graduated from Mass Motion Dance in 2012 leaving with experience in ballet, hip hop, jazz and modern. 

I studied at the the University of Massachusetts Boston for four years. I graduated cum laude in 2016 with two bachelors degrees in art and communications. During that time, I found my love of dance photography after being asked to photograph a performance at Harvard University. I realized that not only did I really love capturing movement, but that it was also an instinct of when to capture the perfect shot. 

Over five years have passed since that first performance and my portfolio has grown immensely. In my senior year at college, I created a project titled "Dance: Figuratively Speaking." Over 200 dancing participants worked with me and told their stories through movement. My second project started six months later after I was one of thousands who marched for women empowerment. I created "Power in Pink," to prove the strength of women and to inspire women all of over to never give up. 

I have worked with Boston Ballet, Urbanity, Tony Williams Dance Company, Slutcracker and so many more. I work not only in dance photography, but I also photograph weddings, food, travel and street life. 

I'm currently in London to complete my MA in photography. 

If you have any interest in booking me for a shoot, feel free to email or text me. I even accept pigeon mail.


- Mickey West